Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quilt As Desired- Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Quilt As Desired Program. Thank you for all the page views and wonderful comments from Part 1. We hope you enjoy the rest of this program!


  1. Another great video. Thank you Holice. How do you store your collection of stencils?

  2. I only have a small collection of stencils so storage is not a probem I do have several that I use in a lecture on "Selecting The Quilting Design" I keep hese in a zip folder with my lecture notes and other illustrations. So my storage issues are not what a quiter might face who has many stencils]
    However, here are some suggestions quilters have made over the years
    1. Attach to wall with nails or hooks
    2. Use shower curtain rings (the metal ones) and hang over hook or on a coat hanger.
    3 If you have a peg board, then hang by size to minimize space.
    4. If you have a wall that you can put the long pins in, they they can become the hanging devide
    5. Folders and in file cabinet if small enough. If too large for the drawer then get one of the sorting racks from the office supply store.
    Hope this gives you some ideas.
    I have a bunch stacked on the clothes dryer but you might not want to use that method.....

  3. Great video! This is the part of quilting that I feel the least comfortable about.