Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's All About Fit

I often read or hear quilters say “why do I need to this, that, such and such”. The responses at least on the internet are usually “it’s your quilt you can do whatever you want, there are no Quilt Police here”. 

Well, it is not something set in stone, as they say. 

However, patchwork is much like a jig saw puzzle.   The pieces need to fit.  Accuracy in seams, pressing and cutting are necessary to make the block fit with the next one.    While the world won’t come to end if points are cut on triangles or diamonds…. pleats in squares and rectangles or one side of the quilt is shorter than another or the binding looks like a ruffle rather than a picture frame with straight sides.  And then what about the time it takes to squash the seams to give some degree of matching. 


It does take less time to do it “right” the first time rather than rip and redo, rip and redo or whatever time it takes to achieve satisfactory results.

So…….quilters, experienced or new, accuracy in measuring, cutting and piecing is important.


Make it good the first time and look ahead to the next quilt with piece of mind, clarity of direction and renewed energy in walking this long and exciting road called quilt making.


(Another Thought from a Seamless Mind by Holice Turnbow)