Thursday, August 15, 2013

What is Right and Wrong in Quiltmaking Techniques

The internet has provided an almost instant source for instructions on how to make a quilt.  There are tutorials everywhere you look. There are YouTube videos showing the smallest details of the craft, but, there are also 10 (or more) different answers to the same basic question. 

All these show the specific technique of the host or writer.  It can be confusing to the person trying to learn this way. 

I tend to look at all this as showing how and leaving out the why.  If we ask our self WHY and then start looking for the HOW, our search might just be easier, less stress free and achieve the results we want.  Below is my "Why List".  This list shows the end results - the how is another matter.

Good Quiltmaking is:

- Respect the nature of the fabric

- Good, clear and accurate patterns and directions

- Accurate marking and measuring

- Accurate cutting

- Accurate piecing

- Good pressing techniques

- Good finishing techniques

- Good overall workmanship

If you master the techniques in the above list, you can do almost anything you want in this great adventure called Quiltmaking!