Friday, June 15, 2012


We would like to welcome all of our quilting friends (both hand and machine) to our new blog. Through the exchange of advice and ideas we hope to foster creativity between quilters and that our blog will serve to educate us as well. Weekly we will be posting tips, tricks, advice and questions...basically the A-Z of quilting!
Many postings will be written by Holice Turnbow, with occasional postings by guest bloggers from The Stencil Company.
Please follow us, and tell your quilting friends!


  1. I'll be happy to read your advice each week. I'm sure there is much to learn !

  2. I'm somewhat new to quilting so look forward to the posts.

  3. Happy to follow on twitter. You should activate your blog to have followers on the blog also. And let us subscribe to your blog by email (via feedburner) so we will know each time you post.

  4. Look forward to reading your posts. And wonder if the wholecloth mini called Prairie Flower#402 I purchased from the stencil Co. is one of your designs and in the collection of the National Museum of American History?

    1. Angela: No the Prarie Flower was not adapted from one of the Smithsonian Collections. I actually got the begining of the design from an old (1970's) catalog of French embroidery designs. I have held on to the catalog all these years because it contains wonderful designs of historical nature as well as themes through the years. The picture appeared to have been in the style of a sofa cushion of around the 1920 era.

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  6. hi. I'm Stefania, from Italy. I am a beginner quilter and I'm very happy to have found your blog. I'm learning to hand quilt and I'll like also to learn free motion. I hope to find in your blog useful tips and answers to my questions! I'll follow your blog from Italy!